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YMCA Swimming : News Items

Posted By administrator on 27/September/2017 at 5:59am | Views: 1290

Leadership Change

Joel Black - Joel is finishing his second term as Chairperson of the YMCA National Officials Committee, and following tradition, he is stepping down as Chairperson. We want to thank Joel for sharing with us his extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his calm demeanor and his warmth in dealing with the officials and officiating matters. Everyone who worked with Joel did become a 'cousin'! Joel has agreed to continue to serve on the Committee to give us the benefit of that knowledge and experience. Thanks Joel for a job well done!

Charles E. (Eddie) Hughes - Eddie Hughes has agreed to take over as the National Officials Committee Chairperson. Eddie is a long-time YMCA and USA-S swimming official from the YMCA of Spartanburg (SC). He has been a member of the YMCA National Officials Committee and a deck referee at our national championship meets for the last twelve years. He is also a former USA-S Officials Chairperson for the South Carolina LSC, as well as being nationally certified by USA-S. In addition, he is a college swim official and a high school swim coach. 

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