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 YMCA Swimming : Rules
Subject Article: YMCA Adopts USA-S Technical Rules - FAQ 1
 YMCA Adopts USA-S Technical Rules - FAQ 1
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Posted: 04/September/2006 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Web Site Administrator
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YMCA Adopts USA Swimming Technical Rules

Frequently Asked Questions # 1 - What doesn't change

Effective September 1, 2006, YMCA Swimming has adopted USA Swimming Rules 101-105, the so-called *blue pages*.  

To assist YMCA officials with incorporating these rule changes, the YMCA National Officials Committee of the YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee has develop answers to the following frequently asked questions.

What has not changed

Q1. Does this change mean that we will no longer hold YMCA dual meets and championship meets, as we have done in the past, but rather only attend invitational meets as many USA-S teams do?

A: No, the YMCA program of dual meets, invitational meets and championship meets (e.g., league, state, area and field championships) will continue as it has in the past.  Only the technical rules under which we conduct these meets will change.  Moreover, our emphasis on the YMCA core values and our team orientation will not change; they are integral parts of our program and will be maintained. 

Q2. Have the requirements for entry into the National Championship Meets changed?

A: No, the requirements to compete at the YMCA National Short and Long Course Championships (the required number of closed competition meets and the required participation in state/area/field meets) remain unchanged.

Q3. Will we still require closed meets for only YMCA swimmers?  Will we still need to have those meets sanctioned?

A: Yes, as noted above, the requirements for entry into the National Championships have not changed, and the requirements to have a meet sanctioned also have not changed.

Q4.Does adoption of USA Technical Rules change the YMCA requirement of a minimum 5 feet of water depth for racing starts from a starting platform or deck starts?

A: Absolutely not! The YMCA requirement of a minimum depth of 5 feet at the starting end remains in effect.  In addition, if local statutes or regulations require more stringent depth requirements, the local statutes or regulations must be followed.  In fact, the USA-S Technical Rules (USA-S Rule 103.2) recognize that more stringent requirements may exist and must be followed.

Q5. Since USA-S Technical Rules do not specifically mention swimmers younger than 10 & Under, does this mean we can no longer have 8 & Under age groups in YMCA meets?

A: No, The USA-S Technical Rules (USA-S Rule 102.1.2) are meant to provide guidance in scheduling events for a meet, but they specifically allow for other combinations, including other age groups.  In fact, USA-S LSCs run many “Mini-Meets” for swimmers 8 & Under.  We will continue to provide opportunities for 8 & Under swimmers as we have done in the past, including scoring and non-scoring events, as appropriate.

Q6. Under YMCA rules, age of a swimmer is determined as of December 1 of the current swim season for that entire swim season.  USA-S Technical Rules state that a swimmer’s age is determined on the first day of any meet.  Which rule will apply to YMCA dual, invitational and/or championship meets?

A: The current YMCA Rules That Govern Competitive Sports regulate the ages of all YMCA athletes for all sports.  There would have to be a change, as applied to all sports, in these National YMCA Rules for competitive swimming to have a different eligibility date.  No change is presently foreseen, although the Competitive Swimming and Diving Committee does review this matter regularly and could propose a change if it were deemed warranted.  However, for the present time, the December 1 eligibility date will remain in effect for dual, invitational and/or championship meets in the local leagues.  The eligibility date for swimming in the National Championship meets (age on the first day of the meet) will also remain in effect.

Q7. Does this change mean that all YMCA certified officials would automatically become USA-S certified officials?

A: No. YMCA certified officials desiring to also become certified as a USA-S official will have to go through the normal USA-S certification process.

Q8. Does this change mean that all USA-S certified officials would automatically become YMCA certified officials able to officiate at YMCA meets?

A: No.  The YMCA officials’ certification program is unchanged; anyone, including USA-S certified officials, must still attend a YMCA Officials’ Clinic and pass the required test.

Q9. If my YMCA official’s certification does not expire this year, will I nonetheless have to take a clinic and pass the test to continue to be certified as a YMCA official?

A: No.  The rule changes are relatively straightforward and no different than any changes we encountered in NCAA rules in the past.  However, you should obtain a USA Swimming Mini Rule Book and study the USA-S Technical Rules (USA-S Rules 101-105).

Q10. Will the Officials’ Training Program change to conform to the USA-S Training Program?

A: No, not for the current (2006-2007) season.  For this year the training program will continue in its present form.  Some changes are being considered for future years, but we will not be adopting the current USA-S model, with its various levels and required tests.

Q11. Will we still use Place Judges and the Modified Ballot System in cases where automatic judging and timing equipment is not available or rendered inoperable?

A: Yes.  The USA-S Technical Rules (USA-S Rules 102.15.2 and 102.16.6) include very specific guidance when manual timing is used, although they do not specifically refer to the modified ballot system, as do the NCAA Rules (NCAA Rules 4-16-2&3).  The USA-S rules clearly state that place judges should be provided (they can be the Referee and Starter), and place judging shall only be used to change the order of finish if the swimmers competed in the same heat, automatic judging and timing was not available, or not operative, and the place judges observed a different order of finish than the semi-automatic or manual times would indicate.

Q12.Will our officials’ uniform change to blue or khaki pants or shorts?

A: No, not at this time.  For the present, we will continue to wear white shirts or blouses, with our patches affixed on the left sleeve, and white pants, shorts or skirts.

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