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Online Meet Entry Submission

Event Listing for Online Meet Entry Submission

Event Num  Lower Age-Upper Age  Sex  Event  Yard Q TimeYard Not FasterLC Q TimeLC Not FasterSC Q TimeSC Not Faster
101A11-12F1650 Free
101B13-14F1650 Free
101C15-21F1650 Free
102A11-12M1650 Free
102B13-14M1650 Free
102C15-21M1650 Free
103A11-12F1000 Free
103B13-14F1000 Free
103C15-21F1000 Free
104A11-12M1000 Free
104B13-14M1000 Free
104C15-21M1000 Free
201AUN-08F 200 Free
201B09-10F 200 Free
201C11-12F 200 Free
202AUN-08M 200 Free
202B09-10M 200 Free
202C11-12M 200 Free
203A13-14F 200 Fly
203B15-21F 200 Fly
204A13-14M 200 Fly
204B15-21M 200 Fly
205AUN-08F 100 Fly
205B09-10F 100 Fly
205C11-12F 100 Fly
206AUN-08M 100 Fly
206B09-10M 100 Fly
206C11-12M 100 Fly
207A13-14F 200 Back
207B15-21F 200 Back
208A13-14M 200 Back
208B15-21M 200 Back
209AUN-08F 100 Back
209B09-10F 100 Back
209C11-12F 100 Back
210AUN-08M 100 Back
210B09-10M 100 Back
210C11-12M 100 Back
211A13-14F 200 Breast
211B15-21F 200 Breast
212A13-14M 200 Breast
212B15-21M 200 Breast
213AUN-08F 100 Breast
213B09-10F 100 Breast
213C11-12F 100 Breast
214AUN-08M 100 Breast
214B09-10M 100 Breast
214C11-12M 100 Breast
215A13-14F 400 IM
215B15-21F 400 IM
216A13-14M 400 IM
216B15-21M 400 IM
217AUN-08F 100 Free
217B09-10F 100 Free
218AUN-08M 100 Free
218B09-10M 100 Free
219A13-14F 200 Fr Rel
219B15-21F 200 Fr Rel
220A13-14M 200 Fr Rel
220B15-21M 200 Fr Rel

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